Private Schools in Forest Hill and the Life-Changing Advantages they Provide

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Private Schools inForest Hill
Some of the best private schools in North America are located in Toronto's Forest Hill neighbourhood. There are many reasons why you might choose a private school for your child. Most private schools emphasize academic excellence, ensuring that your child will have a solid knowledge base for university work. Private schools generally have a low student-teacher ratio, meaning that your child will get more individual attention. They instill core values in their students, building character and skills for life. Private school facilities are usually far superior to public facilities. And better private schools in Forest Hill offer outstanding athletics programs.
The Body-Mind Connection
Whether your child is a natural athlete, or whether he or she is in need of more physical activity, the athletics program of a good private school can make a great difference in his or her life. Here are some of the hallmarks of an excellent athletics program:
  • Wide array of sports. A good program will offer a variety of sports. These should include traditional team sports such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, football, softball, soccer, and hockey. They should also include individual sports like tennis, track, and swimming. In addition, there should be some unusual and challenging sports such as snowboarding, along with some less strenuous activities such as Frisbee and table tennis. Students should be encouraged to try out for any team or get involved at various levels.
  • Coaching. Coaches should have specialized training. They should be able to impart an enthusiasm for the game to students. They must also be able to demand respect from players, ensuring that the contribution of every player on the team is valued. Coaches should have CPR and First Aid training.
  • Balance. A good private school requires students to participate in some sports. By learning to plan well and developing discipline, students learn to balance academics, sports, and social activities.
  • Opportunities. A good program allows students plenty of opportunities to test their abilities against other athletes. Regular games or matches should be part of the schedule, as well as tournaments and trips.
  • Enrichment. If a student really excels, he or she should be eligible for clinics and workshops, as well as individual coaching.
  • Facilities and equipment. Facilities should be spacious, well lit, and safe. Outdoor playing areas should be well maintained and adequate in number. There should be sufficient equipment for all players, and the equipment should be replaced often.
Benefits of Playing Sports
Playing team sports gives your child an opportunity to work toward a common goal with teammates, and to bond with them. Challenging oneself physically can be exhilarating, and can greatly improve a one's sense of confidence and self. Less assertive children can discover surprising reserves of courage on the playing field.
And of course, there are the many health benefits of playing sports, which include:
  • Improved fitness. Muscle tone, strength, endurance, breathing, and many more aspects of health improve.
  • Better body image. Girls in particular benefit from playing sports. Girls who play sports are less likely to suffer from eating disorders.
  • Healthier nutrition. Athletes are more likely to eat healthy diets.
Explore Forest Hill private schools for your child. Private schools can be life-changing!
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